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Mary LynchJuly, 1997

Dear David,

I Just wanted to let you know that yesterday being Sunday, I once again went back to church. I had all the feeling before we left home, which thanks to you I was able to deal with. Once we arrived at church, I naturally felt nervous but held on to all you had taught me, had one real bad panic attack, but did nothing about it and it was over fairly soon.

I am looking forward to the future knowing I am healing and once again becoming strong.

I know and understand it will take time, but I know I will be completely healed, that David, is thanks to you and your wonderfull help. Before I spoke to you I was so scared, that now has gone.

David thank you so very much.
If you wish you can add my name to your phone list.

Thank you David,,

God Bless

Mary Lynch

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