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Matthew SweetinghamSeptember, 1997

Dear David,

Thanks so much for all the help you've done for me. I really don't know where I would be at this point in my life if it weren't for you and your teaching methods.
Life is finally starting to look exciting again compared to the state that I have been in for basically the last 4 or 5 years. I can't emphasise just how grateful I am.

When I first came to you I must admit I was a bit scepticle about your teachings as I guess most people would be. However over the last few months I have really noticed improvements.
As the days go by I can slowly feel my nervous system desensitising itself. I go out to parties and various other social functions and don't always have to drink to be social. Okay, sometimes I drink maybe more than I should but compared to how I was is just unbelievable.
It is great to be part of the real world again and the future looks extremely bright.

Finally, I feel that having gone through my obsessional Compulsiver Disorder that it will make me a much more understanding person and maybe I might even be able to help others in need. I know that I have certainly become a great actor because I had to learn to make up stories so often because I felt so down that I couldn't face anybody.
My friends even say that I should become one! The key to my improving state is the simple method of facing, accepting, floating and letting time pass and your on going support.

Once again I thank you very much for always being there for me when I've needed someone to talk to who really understands.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Sweetingham.

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