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Alexandra ParkerNovember, 2006

Dear David,

When I first came across your website I was in a desperate state. I had been suffering with acute panic attacks and anxiety for years. I could find myself in any given situation and for no reason my hands would shake, I would sweat, feel incredibly sick and lightheaded and have a deep rooted and very real feeling I was about to die! My suffering began with the odd attack here and there but ended up with me being a virtual prisoner in my own home because I was so terrified to go out the street door! I am young ( only 31 ) always been reasonably fit and very very outgoing, I consider myself to be a very logical person so from the first moment I started suffering I began researching how to solve my problem. I bought books,tried herbal remedies, went to my doctor, tried medication, sought counselling and even tried CBT but nothing and I mean nothing worked! By the time I had worked my way through all these different so called solutions I was a wreak, tired, confused and absolutely convinced that nothing could help me, that I would be the way I was for the rest of my life. In one very final attempt to find something, anything that could lift me out of the misery I was experiencing I began yet another internet search. Thats when I stumbled across David Johnsons website, it was like the heavens had opened and a ray of light had shone down on me. I found my self crying with sheer relief as I read his website from cover to cover. Everything that David spoke about related to me, it made sense, IT WAS ME!

I downloaded his program that night and I haven't looked back since. I have found a method that not only explains in painstaking detail exactly what as a sufferer is happening to you but that also takes you step by step through a method of practice and understanding.

When I began this method I had no confidence or expectations that it would work, I had tried so may things already why would this be any different? I began to notice very small very slow changes, my understanding of what I was going through added to my sense of wellbeing. I am now at a point where I can experience symptoms but they just dont scare me! And the less they scare me, the less they happen!

I still have setbacks from time to time - days that are not as good as others, but thats life for everyone, and this method shows you how to develop the skills and the inner voice to work through those days. Its not always easy but nothing in life worth having is!

The last setback I had lasted about 7 days and was truly terrible I really felt terrified I was losing my mind, but as it started to pass my inner voice got stronger and stronger until I had completely come through the moment! I have found that being honest with those around me when I'm in the midst's of a setback makes a huge difference along with keeping as busy as is possible ( even if that just means folding some washing ).

Since that setback I have had some amazing moments of recovery. I have been into shops that I never felt were possible before, I have travelled across central London to meet some friends for coffee and my final triumph - attending a music concert containing 8,000 people! I was so frightened when it came to the concert but I broke the whole evening down into tiny moments that made it so much easier to handle, so I thought about just leaving the house, then no further than getting on the train, then no further than passing each train station and so on! I kept telling myself that if I wanted to turn back at any point then I had permission and that it didn't matter in the slightest, somehow just knowing I could leave at any point made me calm. Before I knew it I was dancing along to the music having a wonderful time!

I have also developed a little visualisation trick which seems to help, if ever I'm out and about and I feel my symptoms coming on I think of them like a big heavy overcoat resting on my shoulders, as I continue to move I visualise shrugging the overcoat off so that it falls to the floor and I'm still walking away from it. Its my way of leaving my symptoms behind! It really works.

I could never have made any of these steps forward without your genuine help and counselling and the program you provide, combined they have given me a courage and a sense of wellbeing I have not felt in years!

Now I'm not silly enough to think that I wont have anymore setbacks but with your program on my ipod and your good self on the end of the phone I feel much more confident about handling them when they do happen!

I couldn't recommend your program enough if I shouted it from the roof tops and I would be very happy for you to include this email on your website to encourage other sufferers to try it! IF YOU FOLLOW THE PROGRAM IT REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DOES WORK! And if you are anything like me -A faithless Londoner who thinks everything is a con - just pick up the phone and speak to David yourself, after talking to him for only 5 min's you will know where I'm coming from! David restores your faith in human nature because not only does he know where your coming from as a sufferer but he really cares about helping you to recover!

Thank you again
Alexandra Parker

p.s. If you wish to contact me my email address is

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