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KerriJanuary, 2007

Dear David

Although I do speak to you on a fairly regular basis on the phone I also want other people to know just how much you and your programme have and do help me along with my journey to recovery.

I have suffered anxiety for close to 5 years, around 5 months of that I was basically agoraphobic. I did nothing but try to seek help from any source I could find. I was terrified with how I was feeling, what was happening to me, I have never felt anything so awful in my whole life. After seeing numerous people I was able to get out, but I still had and feared the symptoms. I would sit and dwell all day on how much I was sweating, how light headed I felt, the dizziness that would not leave me, how weird I felt, feeling like I was about to climb the walls and I swear I was just about to wear my floor boards out through pacing so much, and a whole other range of weird and bizarre symptoms, I honestly thought I was the only one that felt this way, I mean to feel as if I had cotton wool stuffed in my head or just not seeing even something so normal as my lounge chair in a human way was enough to scare the pants off of me, and it seemed any councellor or therapist in some way that I spoke to about all of this NEVER got me, they never seemed to understand where I was coming from. but since finding you and your programme and talking to you and reading about others I have come to realize I am NOT the only one who has all of these symptoms and thoughts, that in itself has been a huge relief to me.

I know even before I got to speak to Daivid I was VERY skeptical about this programme, thinking ?oh, here is another recovery programme scam?, or ?anyone could be writing these testimonials, they probably have never even had anxiety? but I was in such a state by this stage that I took the plunge and emailed David. Within a day he emailed me back, asking if he could please ring me, well that sent me into a spin yet again ?why do you want my phone number?? ?Is this guy some kind of weirdo out for vulnerable peoples phone numbers, and then there money?? well, my over anxious mind just went haywire I guess, and now I must admit I feel like a bit of a goof thinking I actually thought those things about this most wonderful, kind, caring and generous man. For when I did give out my phone number to him and he rang and spoke to me I knew it was the best thing I had done in 4 years. David spoke to me about the programme, a little on how anxiety works, I immediately felt peace come over me, a little more understanding of what was going on inside of me, I therefore got the programme and I have NOT regretted one minute of it. I was amazed as I was speaking to him that he actually DID understand me, he knew EXACTLY what I was saying, thinking and going through. I also now know that all of these testimonials are from genuine anxiety sufferers also wanting to help others with there story on there journey to recovery.

Although I have not been on the programme for very long yet, I do know that I will and am on my way to recovery. I listen to the tapes every day, and everytime I listen to them I think to myself ?Oh, I get what he is saying? even if I have got it and heard it 30 times over, the more I learn and understand, the more calmer I get and the more I start to understand this layer upon layer recovery method. I still get my symptoms and my gremlins are still out in force some days, but knowing EXACTLY what is going on with me and my thoughts, I feel a quick sense of calmness wash over me, but if I EVER need to have a little bit better understanding or questions about what is going on with myself or the programme I know that I can ring David and speak to him about it, and he will ALWAYS put my mind at ease or put me back onto my railway tracks and keep me moving forward. I am very excited about my journey even though some days are hard, I know I will get through them and keep moving forward to recovery.

David is a magnificent person who I very much admire and respect, and I honestly can not thank him enough for the help he has given me and the help im sure he will continue to give me along my way to recovery, as he does with EVERYONE.

Please, if you are considering this programme, understand it is not a scam, it is a genuine programme from a very genuine man who has been through anxiety himself and is giving nothing but his knowledge and understanding to others to help us recovery just the way he has. Nothing with anxiety is a quick fix, and a lot of us just put up with or live with our symptoms and thoughts, but in doing this programme you will see that It is the way to recovery and how to stay recovered with it only being a distant memory of your past.

Take care everyone and remember, there IS a way out of this!!


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