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AmandaFebruary, 1996

Dear David,

Have just arrived in the office straight from the airport, and since there is nothing on my desk that requires immediate attention I am pleased to be able to write sooner rather than later.

David, thank you for your time over the weekend. Thank you also for your tolerance and patience.
As I said to you, there is much to digest. I must admit the impact of the realisation of what this condition has cost me in “life” has shaken me somewhat. However this will pass, and armed with a new understanding I look forward to recovering the will to “keep on keeping on” so to speak. Bit like learning to walk – first things first. With the will in place the rest is easy.
I will write to inform you of progress made or perhaps we will speak over the telephone before then. Either way and in the mean time I wish you every success in continuing your work.
My only regret is that I didn’t have the benefit of it years ago, but then as someone very close to me said recently, “ Your time will come not too late or too early but at the right time”.
I am sure the same can be said for you and your work.
Kindest regards, and God bless


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