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JenniferDecember, 2003

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your tapes and your understanding. I was at loss to know what was going on with me. My Doctor said I had Depression. No not me, I was so full of life. I had nothing to be depressed about, so off to counsellors who of course could not find anything wrong. Just my mind playing tricks on me they say. Take the drugs, but Jennifer could not take the drugs, it made me worst.
I just wanted to find out why I was being like this, and when I could not understand why, it made me more fearful. I couldn’t go into shops, I couldn’t eat, I didn’t want to do anything, my poor husband suffered too because I wouldn’t let him out of my sight. Where he went, I went. I did not want to be on my own. I just cried and cried. Nobody could help me. I just felt as though I was going to die. This went on for nearly 3 years. Then I saw David’s tapes, sent for them, and they made me understand just what was going on.

I fully understood just what he was saying, and it turned my life around.

Just listening to someone who had been through it was very inspirational.

So thank you David. I too wish to help others. Although I am not fully recovered I am now on my way.


P.S. I also let my doctor listen to the tapes. He was very happy about them, which I was very surprised about. He too now understands a little bit more of what is going on.

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