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Mary RileySeptember, 2004

Dear David,

I just want to thank you for all the help you have given me through your counselling. I shall never forget that day in March when I first met you and you enabled me to turn my life around.

It's an exiting new life now. This week I walked on Piha beach with my ex-husband, and today visited Kelly Tarltons. Things that would have been un-thinkable not long ago. Surely 2 of the strongest tests for an Agoraphobic sufferer, and a sufferer of panic attacks. Now I want to rush around and see and do all the things that I have missed out on for most of my 56 years. My self esteem and confidence has risen mightily. Certainly for more than thirty years I have lived in a secret private hell on earth.

I feel(indeed I know) that on the day we met a miracle happened, with the help from you. Thanks David for enabling that. I suffered from obsessive compulsive disorders, compulsive hand washing, and washing everything, phobias about germs and contamination, agoraphobia and panic attacks that were total terror.

Often it was very difficult to walk across the living room floor, let alone the driveway. When I was first able to go to Lynn Mall(a large shopping centre) I felt like a child in a toy shop. There and everywhere, so much had gone on without me. I felt like shouting out to everyone that I had been let out of jail.

I couldn't even wear shoes for 15 or 20 years! I could go on for years about the ramifications. I lost my husband and three children, need I say more?

Now for the first time in my life, I'm learning to be myself, Thank god! And my secrets are told and most of the guilts gone. I don't even feel as though I'm going quietly mad, alone any more. I know that the secretiveness made it the lonely hell it was.

After a procession of psyciatrists and even brain surgery(the leucotomy) it was you David who showed me the way out, oh so simple!

After we'd talked for hours I just kept saying, as you know, "why couldn't someone have told me these things 30 or 40 years ago?!"

Now I just want to help others in that situation. If I went on thanking you for 10 years it wouldn't be enough.

God Bless You

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