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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need questions answered about the state you're in?

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For 15 or more years I have been asked many questions about the anxiety state. Here I answer those questions most often asked.
However, first I have to assume you have been medically examined and told there is nothing organically wrong and your suffering is caused by anxiety.

Is it truly possible to completely recover from the state I am in?
YES it is TRULY POSSIBLE. I can say this with total confidence because I have been recovered for almost 16 years and have seen my own clients also recover.
I have suffered for over 40 years and my question is will I finally reach a point of no return where recovery is now beyond me?
My answer is a definite NO. Why? Because I counselled a client who had been suffering for 62 years and finally received the right help through this program. (See also Helen's testimonial. Her suffering lasted 25 years and she was a house bound agoraphobic.)
I have read that this is a serious mental disorder. Is this true?
Once again the answer is NO. It is neither serious or mental. FRIGHTENING OH YES BUT NOT SERIOUS. Also, you are nervously ill not mentally ill. (Such as someone experiencing schizophrenia or psychotic episodes.)
Sometimes I feel I am going crazy. Could or will this ever happen?
It is impossible for someone in an anxiety state to go crazy. I promise you the following:
  1. There is no edge to go over
  2. Your feelings WILL NOT (indeed CAN NOT) finally grow beyond your control.
  3. What you imagine will NEVER EVER HAPPEN.
To recover is it important that first I go back into my past to try and find the cause of my present state?
I have never felt the need to go back into my clients past. After all I am sure you are more concerned about the state you are in NOW than what might have caused it. Finally being free of the fear within will allow you to move forward with your life because at the moment the state you are in is holding you back from doing just that. Also, if you recover the right way you will develop an inner confidence you have never had as well as having great compassion towards other sufferers I PROMISE YOU THIS.
I have been taking anti-depressants for many years. Will this program help me come off them?
YES. You see COMPLETE RECOVERY means just that COMPLETE RECOVERY. (With no further medication required.) This program will definitely help you come off your medication. (With guidance from your prescriber of course.)
There is so much information on the internet about anxiety, panic disorders, phobia's, O.C.D, depression etc that I don't know which way to turn or who to believe. It is so confusing. I have tried so many avenues to no avail. Please answer TRUTHFULLY, will this program work for me?
TRUTHFULLY YES. You see I have been encouraged by my own clients to put this program together.
Encouraging words such as:
  • "I am so pleased you are doing this."
  • "I just know that this program will be as helpful for other sufferers as it has been for me."
  • "The way you present it is so simple, so logical, so understandable."
  • "If only I had known about you years ago. I am sure I would not have suffered the way I have."
  • "Don't ever stop doing this work."


My own recovery is proof that my program DOES WORK.


When practiced the way I teach you, COMPLETE RECOVERY will be the end result, I ASSURE YOU OF THIS.

None of us live forever so one of my last wishes would be that this program be made available to as many sufferers around the world as possible.

I have come to realise the only sufferers I will ever be able to help are those who reach out. Although I have had many come to see me fearful of not getting the right help, I find it interesting that they always leave with a smile on their face.

We who work in this area should do so in a humble way and not put ourselves above or apart from those who suffer.

Therefore to make this program as personal as possible I have recorded it as if you were sitting beside me.