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Wendy MoffittJune, 1995

Dear David,

At long last I am able to sit down and write this. Enough time has passed for me to be (almost) confident in saying this.
For the first time in a very long time I can get through a day without worrying about my work or worrying about whether I can actually get through the day.
I feel happier in the classroom. I can concentrate on my teaching (something I love) instead of that raft of physical sensations I used to spend so much time and effort on.

I'm by no means completely through this. I still dislike driving (although living in Auckland, I feel semi justified in this after getting stuck in numerous traffic jams) but I accept that that's just me and may always be like that,so too bad.

My tapes are a godsend, they're always in the car so if that old familiar feeling strikes, I just bang them in the tape deck and listen to you.

Your voice is an instant comfort, I always have them with me.

I remember you telling me about a woman who called you after seeing you saying that she couldn't worry anymore. At that time I laughed rather weakly, but now I catch myself trying to worry and not being able to start.
For someone who worries about everything, including not having anything to worry about, this a major breakthrough!
One of the most valuble things you taught me was that all of this anxiety related condition, symptoms,problems etc didn't matter. If I need to take another look at the power points before I go out, or buy a packet of lozenges to get through a car trip then I do it.

After all it doesn't reall matter does it?

Once again I can say a heartfelt thank you to you for all the help, the visits and the phone calls. I think that having someone who really understands makes all the difference.

Thanks again.

Wendy Moffitt

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